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PKGBUILD: varnish-custom

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Yet another my PKGBUILD for ArchLinux. It provides custom Varnish build with additional VMODs

List of VMODs provided with PKGBUILD:

  • Standard – (built-in) contains useful, generic function that don’t quite fit in the VCL core, but are still considered very useful to a broad audience
  • Authentication – implements HTTP Basic authentication
  • Boltsort – provides querystring parameters sort function
  • GeoIP – exports functions to look up GeoIP country codes
  • Header – module for various manupulations with headers
  • QueryString – module for various manipulations with querystring
  • Shield – provides basic means for DDoS protection
  • SoftPurge – provines cache invalidation function that reduces TTL but keeps the grace value of a resource
  • Timers – gives an access to various timers and duration counters
  • TimeUtils – assists with date-related functions, including manipulation of date-formatted headers
  • Var – implements support for variables

Description and functions list of each VMOD available on each VMOD’s page of main Varnish site or on GitHub, please see URL above the list

Link to AUR